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Clips & Pins

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  1. Pro Clip

    Pro Clip

    Most versatile in function and utility Learn More

    Out of stock

  2. Chignon Clip

    Chignon Clip

    Perfect for thick hair and upstyles Learn More
  3. Shark Clip

    Shark Clip

    Clip with strongest hold Learn More
  4. Medium Clips (10-pack)

    Medium Clips (10-pack)

    Best for sectioning and setting Learn More
  5. Duck Skinny Clip

    Duck Skinny Clip

    Traditional color foiling clips Learn More
  6. Duck Curl Grip Clips (6-pack)

    Duck Curl Grip Clips (6-pack)

    Color foiling clips with extra grip Learn More

    Out of stock

  7. Pin Magic Magnetic Wristband

    Pin Magic Magnetic Wristband

    Must-have tool for updos Learn More

7 Item(s)

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